Climate career resources

Even as layoffs are happening in tech every day, climate needs tech talent more than ever.

We've compiled some resources to help you get started and to find you a community to work with as you navigate your coming weeks and months.

Free job fairs

Live events with 10+ actively hiring climate tech companies who present and engage in Q&A.

Discover European startups scaling cutting-edge climate solutions, based in the UK, Germany and beyond.

Meet trailblazing companies that are changing the way we get around.

Join companies making some of the largest impact in carbon output that have some of the biggest growth trajectories.

Learn about companies leading the way on carbon accounting, carbon offsets, and CDR, with open roles in finance, marketing, ops, data science, and more.

Free career talks

Fireside chats with climate insiders who are ready to help. 

Dec 2: Magda Cheang

Magda (SustainChain, recruiting veteran) is running a climate careers focused workshop.

Dec 9: Nathan Shuler

Nathan (Product Innovation Lead at ClimateAI and mentor) will share how he leveraged his expertise in project management, stakeholder engagement and data analysis to help companies improve their sustainability programs.

Dec 12: Jake Miles

Jake (Principal Software Engineer at NextEra Mobility and alum) will draw from his expertise as a software engineer in the climate space to talk about the critical role that software plays in climate solutions.

Dec TBA: Sonam Velani

Sonam (Founder, Streetlife Ventures) is doing a short narrative on her career: “Building a Career in Climate: Sonam Velani’s Journey to Fostering Sustainable Urban Environments”.

Free learning resources

Overviews that help get a lay of the land, meant to be done async.

Free class: Energy and climate change

Learn about how the electric grid works and understand what it takes to power it with variable renewable energy sources like wind and solar.

Free class: Software careers in climate

Complex software is central to climate tech. Learn about high impact careers in climate for software engineers.


Climate Change: Learning for Action

Understand the complexities in the science, economics, policy, and climate justice. Start taking action by discovering climate solutions that need your skills. All this and more in our flagship 12-week fellowship.

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