Breaking Down Barriers to Acceptance of Climate Change by Dr. Katharine Hayhoe

Why is climate such a polarizing topic? Join Dr. Katharine Hayhoe to hear about the barriers to public acceptance of climate science, impacts, and solutions.

About the event

Climate change has been proven by thousands of peer-reviewed studies and decades of scientific reports. So why is it such a polarized topic? Especially when it didn’t use to be.

Join Dr. Katharine Hayhoe as she breaks down how public and political opinion in the U.S., Australia, U.K., Canada, and other nations became sharply polarized on climate, and how we can bridge the divide.

The main reason for this divergence is not a deficit of information or knowledge among the public. Instead, there are a plethora of causes that can be variously categorized as psychological, societal, political, and economic. Dr. Hayhoe will share from her experience how it is possible to bypass much of the “he said – she said” stalemate in media and outreach activities, transitioning instead towards positive action based on a foundation of shared values and concerns.

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About the speaker

Dr.Katharine Hayhoe

Climate Scientist | Distinguished Professor, Texas Tech | Chief Scientist, The Nature Conservancy | Author, SAVING US

Dr. Katharine Hayhoe is an atmospheric scientist whose research focuses on understanding the impacts of climate change on people and the planet. She is the Chief Scientist for The Nature Conservancy where she leads and coordinates the organization’s scientific efforts on a global scale.


Dr. Hayhoe holds a B.Sc. in Physics from the University of Toronto and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science from the University of Illinois. She has received numerous awards and recognitions for her work, including four honorary doctorates and being named a United Nations Champion of the Earth.

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