Backend Engineer

Software Engineering
Amsterdam, Netherlands, Remote, Bucharest, Romania

About Chargetrip

Chargetrip is the world’s leading range prediction and EV routing engine. We accurately predict the energy consumption and charging times for any EV make or model, on any route, across the globe. Say goodbye to range anxiety! Chargetrip calculates routes specific for EVs. We use 15+ dynamic variables to compute your route from A to B, including the optimal charge stations along the way. We guarantee drivers will have enough charge to make it to their destination. By utilizing range predictions and EV-specific routing to navigate the immense number of variables that impact an EV battery, fleet operators can take advantage of the massive cost-saving opportunities EVs provide and future-proof their operations for the years ahead. We make switching to electric mobility easy and cost-effective for both private drivers and fleets. In fact, our SaaS-based API is currently used by over 300.000 EV drivers every month – that’s 10% of EV drivers across Europe!

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