Climate Action for Organizations

A four-week online program for teams (10+ employees) designed to build climate fluency among employees, mobilize employees to engage in climate work, and accelerate progress toward Net Zero goals. Repeats monthly, with Nov 06 the next start date.

The course starts Nov 06, 2023. Enrollments close Oct 20, 2023

About this course

A 4-week program for teams (10+ employees) designed to build climate fluency within organizations, drive active participation in climate work and accelerate progress towards Net Zero goals. Learners explore key climate change concepts, impacts, and solutions, via our engaging asynchronous learning platform. Live “Lab” sessions, guided by expert facilitators, enhance understanding and translate knowledge into actionable insights. Workbook activities encourage the integration of learning into day-to-day work and stimulate innovation and climate action.

Participants will learn to exemplify science-based climate leadership and formulate action plans. Post-program access to our learning platform and progress evaluation sessions. This journey not only enhances climate understanding but also cultivates a strong network of dedicated climate-driven employees within the organization.

Who is this program for?

Sustainability & ESG leaders

Develop the skills to embed sustainability and Net Zero goals organization-wide

Senior leadership & strategy teams

Future-proof and build resilience by integrating climate action into strategic planning

Operations & supply chain teams

Identify opportunities to integrate sustainability and optimize processes to reduce emissions

Climate champions

Empower yourself to lead transformative climate action within your organization

What climate skills you'll learn

Common climate language

Build a shared understanding of climate change science, as defined by the IPCC, and how it impacts your organization

Climate solutions analysis

Identify effective climate solutions for your organization using tools like the En-Roads Global Climate Simulator

Planning effective climate action

Craft climate action plans tailored to your role and organization's goals

Sustainability integration

Transform every role by integrating climate action into your day-to-day responsibilities

Perspective shift

Employees learn to identify opportunities for climate innovation

The difference

Live lab groups

Engage in energetic discussions with your instructors and fellows learners

Skills-based learning

Immediately apply the skills you’ve learned within your organization

Personalized attention

Instructor 1-on-1 support for your organization

Asynchronous and synchronous learning

Flexible learning options to fit your learning style

Meet the course creator

Zikri Jaafar

Course Director, Head of Enterprise Learning, 2023 GreenBiz 30 Under 30

Zikri is a Malaysian-born ESG advocate, sustainability strategist, and climate educator. He was previously a Stewardship Analyst at Evenlode Investment, where he developed and implemented the firm’s environmental stewardship strategy across its £5.5 billion investment funds. Prior to Evenlode Investment, he was a Senior Consultant at 3Keel, where he advised clients on climate transition plans, deforestation- and conversion-free supply chains, and landscape stewardship. His roster of clients included FTSE100 companies, international nonprofits, and multinational organizations.


Zikri holds an MSc in Economics for Development and an MSc in Environmental Change and Management from Oxford University. He also has a BA in International Studies and a BSc in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania. He was a recipient of the Rhodes Scholarship in 2018 and Bank Negara Malaysia’s Kijang Emas Scholarship in 2012.

Course schedule

Week One: Climate change: science and impacts

Understand the science behind climate change and explore its real-time and future impacts. This knowledge, from sources including the IPCC, lays the groundwork for comprehending the relevance of climate action in any organizational setting.

  • Live lab: Probable Futures platform – dive deeper into the current and potential scenarios of climate change and the role of organizations.
  • Workbook: Climate impacts on core business activities – examine how climate change directly influences your organization’s core operations.

Explore models for evaluating climate solutions, including Project Drawdown and Doughnut Economics. Examine the key role of energy systems and electrification in decarbonization. Understand key mitigation areas from agriculture to carbon removal.

  • Live lab: En-Roads global climate simulator – engage in an interactive session with our expert facilitator, simulating global climate solutions.
  • Workbook: Solutions mapping: interactions, impacts, and influence – identify relevant climate solutions for your organization and assess their potential effects and influence.

Learn how to leverage your role within the organization to accelerate progress towards its climate goals and reach Net Zero.

  • Live lab: The climate game – engage in an exciting session that puts you in the driver’s seat for achieving Net Zero emissions.
  • Workbook: Accelerating action in your role – plan out actionable steps you can take in your role to accelerate your organization’s climate action journey.

Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to design comprehensive climate action plans, focusing on effective implementation, from TCFD recommendations to real-world case studies from PepsiCo and Amazon.

  • Live lab: Action planning – learn the nuances of creating effective climate action plans and their implementation strategies.
  • Workbook: Action planning and following through – develop a robust climate action plan for your organization and define strategies for follow-through.

Pricing and expected commitment

US $2000 /per learner

Empower your workforce to take climate action today. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you.

Frequently asked questions

The course is four weeks long, running from Nov 06 to Dec 01, 2023. Live sessions will run at a pre-agreed time each week. Attendance is strongly encouraged but recordings will also be made available.

Employees who are committed to developing their climate fluency, embedding climate knowledge into their work, and championing climate action within the organization. The ideal candidate will already advocate for climate action within the organization, understands how their role impacts the organization’s climate agenda, and believes they can play a role in ensuring its success. They are willing to actively participate in a cohort-based learning experience and have sufficient time to dedicate to the program (4 hours/week).

Absolutely. There are no prerequisites required for this course and we welcome participants from all backgrounds and regions of the world to participate.

The “Climate Action for Organizations” course is a focused, 4-week program specifically designed to build climate fluency within organizations and accelerate their journey towards achieving climate and Net Zero goals. While the “Learning for Action” Program provides a comprehensive overview of the climate change landscape over 12-weeks, the course is more targeted towards integrating climate knowledge into daily organizational work, identifying opportunities for business innovation, and demonstrating science-based climate leadership. This course involves live interactive “Lab” sessions and workbook activities that focus on helping organizations contextualize and translate climate learning into personalized, actionable steps towards achieving the organization’s climate goals.

Yes, we run this course every month starting on the first Monday.

Special discounts are available for larger group enrollments.

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