Carbonfree Chemicals

Carbonfree Chemicals

San Antonio, Texas, United States

Team size: 11 - 50

Sector: Manufacturing and materials

About Carbonfree Chemicals

Founders: Martin Keighley

Founded date: 2016


Investors: Braemar Energy Ventures

Company stage: Other

Why SkyCycle For the Carbon Future: # A Carbon Trifecta: Only SkyCycle can address CCU, CCS and direct capture. # A profitable development path: Profits from product sales in early CCU plants will subsidize development scale-up and manufacturability cost-down. # Ready-made for source emitters: Process requires little to none retrofitting needs to current emitter sites, except for pipes to existing smokestacks and is deployable across a multitude of industries. # Low level of energy penalty: World-class energy penalty of 10% at 14% CO2 flue-gas levels; all models for other industries vary only-slightly; diligence for your industrial focus available. # Mineral storage is safe, very stable, environmentally sensitive, and requires no maintenance expense. # No lack of storage candidate sites: Ubiquitous availability of silicate resources, many of which are located near large emitter zones; storage process is also safe, dense, and uncomplicated. # Robust patent portfolio: 68 Patents issued in 60 Countries, 31 Patents pending CarbonFree has developed patented technologies that capture CO2 from stationary point source emitters and transform them into carbon-negative chemicals. Imagine if all industrial manufacturing plants could reduce their CO2 emissions and create green products. SkyCycle and SkyMine create sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC), and hydrochloric acid. CarbonFree’s modular and scalable technology can make this a reality, providing an on-site solution without the need of costly infrastructure to transport and store CO2. CarbonFree is ready to act now with its existing SkyMine facility in San Antonio, Texas and it’s first SkyCyle plant being deployed in 2022. The technology is currently backed by energy-savvy investors including Fortistar, Braemar, BP Energy Ventures, Husky Partners, Carl Berg and Apollo.

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